Dr. Warren FarrellWhy Men Earn More

Why Men Earn More

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August 8, 2013, Fox Business News, prime time debate on gender pay gap with Martha Burk and John Stossel (video).

ABC's 20/20 with John Stossel, Warren Farrell, and Hillary Clinton, May 2005 (video).

"Exploiting the Gender Gap," a New York Times op-ed by Warren Farrell:

"Perhaps, I thought, male bosses undervalue women. But I discovered that in 2000, women without bosses -- who own their own businesses -- earned only 49 percent of male business owners. Why? When the Rochester Institute of Technology surveyed business owners with M.B.A.'s from one top business school, they found that money was the primary motivator for only 29 percent of the women, versus 76 percent of the men. Women put a premium on autonomy, flexibility (25- to 35-hour weeks and proximity to home), fulfillment and safety."

"At Lunch with Warren Farrell: Are Women Responsible for their Own Low Pay?" by Claudia H. Deutsch, New York Times:

"Dr. Farrell accepts that women, as a group, are paid less than men. But the way he sees it, using pay statistics to prove sex discrimination is akin to using the horizon to prove that the world is flat."

Special Report with Bret Baier: Inside the Equal Pay for Women Issue
(May 7, 2012)

PBS with Tucker Carlson and Warren Farrell, April 2005 (video).

Warren Farrell on the CATO Institute's Book Forum (note: video download)

San Francisco Chronicle book review by Marty Nemko.

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