Dr. Warren FarrellWhy Men Earn More

Why Men Earn More

"11 Top Tips on How Women Can Earn More" by Warren Farrell.

"Gender Divide," a Los Angeles Daily Journal op-ed by Warren Farrell.

"How Women Shortchange Themselves" by Richard Heintz, California Job Journal.

"Do Men Really Earn More Than Women? Or Do They Just Work Harder and Smarter--and Sacrifice More?" by Bettina Arndt, The Bulletin News, Newsweek.

"Now, A Masterpiece" by Loredana Vuoto, National Review Online.

Harvard Business Review letter to the editor by Warren Farrell with a response by the journal.

"Why Some Women Skirt the Wage Gap" by Liz Wolgemuth, US News and World Report:

"In some occupations where women earn more than their male counterparts, the reasons may not have broad implications. Warren Farrell, author of Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap—and What Women Can Do About It, says that for some jobs, employers may actually be biased toward hiring women—as teaching assistants, for example, or massage therapists."